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If you’ve read and enjoyed “Felling of the Sons” and “Mystic Fire,” my two authorized novels available at Amazon and elsewhere, published by Write Words, Inc., I suggest you let me know what you liked about them, because then you will qualify for this free novel, available by email only to those who qualify in this way. I created this novel, based on what the Cartwrights were like after Adam left the Ponderosa, and following what I believe would have been Pernell’s desired storyline for leaving, to demonstrate the kind of passion each of the three sons had, not only for the Ponderosa, but what they would see as their particular kind of destiny. The biggest challenge, as always, is how to keep Hoss and Joe from getting married. Adam does, because that’s the reason he leaves. He marries into the Washoe Tribe and then has to fight to preserve their way of life.

You can see more at my website in “news” at and if you haven’t yet gotten a copy of “Cartwright Saga,” request it free by emailing me at – this is a collection of short stories free for all, and the last story immediately precedes “Passion of the Sons.”

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